Call onAnalogMethod using nifty GUI

I just need to call my onAnalog method using my nifty, but Im stuck with how can I pass the parameters to call it.

By now I have this:

< interact onClick = “onAnalog(“arm1Up”)”/>

(idk what do I do with the other two parameters, value and tpf).


Are you asking here the same that in: Button pressed using nifty gui??

You should wait to a response before duplicating the posts. However, I’m not sure you can call onAnalog through nifty xml. If I’m not wrong, nifty use this like: <interact onClick = "onAnalog(arm1Up)"/> and treats the parameters always as String.

I strongly recommend you to use the nifty manual and the github wiki. In the manual you may found all possible interacts events. The one you are looking for may be onClickRepeat.

Okay, thanks man. I will take a look :slight_smile: