CALLING ALL DEVELOPERS! - Have your work shown at JavaOne - June 2nd-5th, 2009

jME developers,

Hey, this is Chris Melissinos from the forums.

I am setting up a lounge area at JavaOne next month and am going to have a bunch of PCs and big screens installed there.  I want to use this as an opportunity to showcase games from JGO and the jME communities.

The games to be shown will be decided by May 27th!

Here is what I need you to submit to this thread and the best submissions will be picked:

Game Name

Platform requirements



Developer's Name

JavaOne is a few short weeks away, so get your submissions to this thread in ASAP!!




Would love to exhibit, was a jme project coded two years ago, the servers are down now. I just wouldnt have time to get ready for this year…

Will you be doing this next year, if so, please post in the jme forum each month from now until next year as a kinda countdown…

Good Luck


Maybe my game will be of interest.

Game name: Imperii

Platform requirements: Windows, Linux or Mac, with Java 1.5 or better. GPU with shader support.

Description: A fast-paced action filled strategy game where you as commander in chief should build a base to defend the last green park in the empire. The enemies will do all they can to breach your defence. Waves after waves of enemies will be thrown upon your walls. Will they last?


Developers Name: Robert Larsson

More info in this thread: