Calling all independent photographers & texture artists

We are in the process of setting up a new web site which will consist of sound effects and texture images.

The site is and is to be a free resource platform for filmmakers, TV production houses, Game developers and indie project makers alike. The site will be split into two main categories, sound effects and textures, and will allow the above creators to use the content free of charge (thus boosting the sites use) and without having to worry about complicated licenses and fine print.

One of their main obligations is that they must credit the designer of the sound, or author of the image (textures) in order to use them in their work. That’s You!

You can be rest assured that you will be credited and have your name in anything from an independent Film, right through to a prime time TV show if your content is used.

Since this particular post is related more so to the texture artists and photographers out there, 3D modelling and Game development is what is no doubt more likely to be developed using textures.
Textures, as you may already be aware are used by the above industries by way of taking a 2d image or photograph and without going into explicit detail, is then wrapped around a 3D model to create a realistic life like object. This may take the form of a simple brick wall, box, sky or ground, to something far more complex such as an entire building or complete character model.

This is where you guy’s come in.
We would love to have your textures and images/photos on SoughtAfter Sounds. And therefore welcome you to add your content to the new site. The only rule is that you must own the copyright to any of the material that you upload the site.

Here is a link to our license that dictates the use of your content:

And here is the copyright page:

The sound effects area still has some work left until it’s ready for use. Although it is live for testing reasons, we are not currently accepting sound effects uploads just yet so any sound uploads will be deleted. But the texture section is now ready for content to be added. The site is up and live for the purposes of users to add their content.
Once you’ve set up a account and signed in, here is the page you’ll need to upload:

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
Contact us at admin (at)

We look forward to seeing you over at the site.

Warmest Regards