Camera direction vector doesn't change?

Hi all,

I have a jME 2 program that extends base game. I have basic first person control handlers running, so mouse look is performed and WASD can translate the camera's location etc.

I have a box which I want to move around so that it is in the centre of the viewpoint at all times, regardless of where I move and which way I face, I want it to remain a fixed distance directly in front of the camera.

I have previously used the camera's getLocation method to move objects relative to the camera, but in order to deal with direction of facing I attempted to use getDirection. However, the value returned by getDirection seems to remain constant regardless of how much I move the camera about. It seems as if regardless of which way I face, the box remains a constant distance from the camera along a fixed axis, rather than in the direction I face.

Why isn't the direction vector changing? Is there some local/world translation I'm not doing?

Many thanks

how do you change the camera's rotation?

maybe a camera.update() is missing