Camera does not change when setCamera


I use …myApp.getRenderManager().setCamera(myCamera,false)

but my camera does not get active…

Does anyone know why?


Set it on the viewPort e.g viewPort.setCamera( … )

The setCamera method in RenderManager is for internal use only.


there is no setCamera method or any method which takes a Camera object on the viewport.


Yeah you’re right.

Maybe we could make a Camera.set(Camera) method, or ViewPort.setCamera()

Why do you want another camera object anyway? Cant you just create a new viewPort and use that or just use the same camera and change the settings? Theres no way to use two cameras simultaneously anyway…


yes, of course, I totatlly understand that I can add a camera to a new viewport. I was asking due to following reason. When I create an application extending SimpleApplication, there is already a ViewPort available. Let’s call it “main viewport”.

For multicanvas rendering I create a new ViewPort for each “view”. Now, imagine that I already have split my canvas in four views. Left Up, Right Up, Left Bottom and right Bottom. If I create a new camera object, as far as I understand, I have to destroy one of the four ViewPorts, instantiate a new one (because there is no setCamera method availaible, only a constructor taking a camera instance) and this would be a “camera change”. So I have to destroy the viewport and create a new one.

Is this correct?

Thanks a lot.



P.S. I will stop posting in wrong froum :slight_smile: