Camera frustrum, disappearing boxes

Hi there,

about my project:

I have a collection of data - about 8000 entries. If I draw every single entry (x,y,z coordinate) of this data collection in a 3d space, it should form a sphere. Now I tried to realize this with JME. I drew a com.jme.scene.shape.Box for every data entry with length=height=width=1, Color =red.

my problem:

as I mentioned before, all of my data points are on a sphere. The sphere has a radius of about 1500. When I zoom out to see the whole shpere, most of my data points disappear, because the are too far away (>100 in z-axis). The problem is, that I want to see all my datapoints, because the sphere is not complete (I have only some areas where the sphere is complete - I have simply too less data values, but can’t get more)

my try to fix the problem:

I thought I can solve this problem by increasing camera frustrum and updating the camera. But this seems not to change anything at all … the 1x1x1 boxes still disappear with z=100.

my environment:

I use JME embedded in a Swing environment (like JMESwingTest example)

Can anybody help me solving this problem  :?

So using Camera.setFrustumFar() didn't do it for you?

Are you using a skybox or anything else that would move with the camera to cover those up?

it should be solved if u change the camera's farplane to a bigger number like 1000.

if not, u can always try to c if the cull state is doing something u dont want it to do. try make it cull_none first and c if that makes a difference

Thanks neakor and nymon,

the terrible mistake I made was to set the cam.setFrustrumFar() to 2000 which seemed for me far enough. Now I tried the same with 10 000 and it works. Again thank you for your help!