Camera image placed within scene - eg CCTV camera

I was wondering if it is posible within JME3 to place the image from a camera back into the scene as a flat object.

As that sounds a bit mad, as an example; a CCTV camera arrangement, with a camera somewhere in the scene and whatever image it captures going onto a (virtual) monitor also within the scene. (This monitor is then observed by the primary camera if you happen to be looking at it).

Sure, theres even an example TestRenderToTexture or something. This is btw how the SimpleWater does its reflection too, also great for mirrors etc.

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Thanks, my search for this was hampered by the fact that there seem to be companys called JME involved in both CCTV cameras and video

use the google custom search, so it only searches on this site

If you had read the manual you’d know that you can create a Project with all test classes…