Camera Interpolation

Hi guys ,

Do i have to use motion tracks to have a little interpolation ? i’ll explain :

I have a character who is going to a direction , when the character hit an area i want the camera to move automaticly on a special angle , but the camera must be animated , i don’t want a brutal move.

Thank you

you don’t HAVE to but yes it can help. Look at the TestCameraMotion

I don’t want to to be honest , what could be the other solution ?

danath said:
I don't want to to be honest , what could be the other solution ?

Seriously what does that means?
In French : "Je ne veux pas être honête, quelle pourrait être l'autre solution".

coma is missing ==> i don’t want TO (ce n’est pas ce que je veux faire ) , to be honest ( pour être honnete ) . Sorry lol


Why don’t you want to use the motionTrack?

Anyway if you want to interpolate linearly between 2 positions there is a FastMath.interpolateLinear() method to do this

I don’t want to use motiontrack because i’m afraid to not recover the camera after the interpolation (according to an old version of testcameramotion ) i tried to recover the camera but i didn’t success . Anyway i’ll try the two of them when i come back from work , thank you very much nehon