Camera movement speed on demand


I need in my project to set something like camera movement speed. It’s like when I press 1, the speed if default, when I press 2, the speed is 2 times faster, and so on…

How the camera speed can be controlled and changed?

Thank you!

flyCam.setMoveSpeed() ?

err… is the default camera (from SimpleApplication) an instance of flyCam? because there’s no such method in cam as .setMoveSpeed…

flyCam is the controller that moves the camera. The camera cannot move by itself and doesnt have a “speed”.

hello… how can i manipulate the camera rotation… I want that every time that the spatial turns, camera also turn… For example, a car, if a car turns left then also camera turns left… I used cam.setRotation(); but the problem is the camera goes infront of the car… How can i manipulate the turning of the camera…

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