Camera Node disappearing Spatials

I am getting extremely frustrated with JMonkey. First off, sometimes when I attach spatials to nodes and move the nodes, the spatials don’t move. All I am trying to do is attach a node to the camera Node and it works unttached but if I try it attached that object is not there but the coordinated say its there.

Is it right on top of the camera? How big is it? Maybe it’s being clipped by the near plane.

I’ve never used camera nodes but I can assure you I’ve used normal nodes a LOT and never had any problems with things not moving as expected.

@pspeed , I position the object at my desired position and when I attach it to the camera node, the position should essentially be the same, Correct? Unless the cam node works different with other nodes, attaching a spatial does not make it move to its parent.

That depends on the position of the camera node.

When you attach an object to a node it keeps its current LOCAL transform.

If you move an object to 0,0,10 - and then attach that to a node thats rotated by PI around the y axis it will end up with:
LOCAL translation: 0,0,10
WORLD translation: 0,0,-10