Camera similar to that of an RTS

Hi guys,

I have been searching on these forums for a while now and haven't found the answer so I would like to post a question.

I want to have a camera like the ones used in RTS games. For example, i would like a camera which looks at a field from above, at 45 degrees, is at a fixed height and moves around on only the 'x' and 'z' axes. Is there something I should look at or simply build this myself? If so, is there a camera tutorial for building one from scratch?

For jme2 there is the strategichandler:

I like the look of that! Thanks very much, however I wonder if there is a more helpful tutorial on it? For example how to implement it in an extension of BaseGame where you have to implement all the methods?


Why would you want to implement is as extension of BaseGame? If you check out the project you will find a SimpleSetup-class(SimpleGame) and a demo in

Here is a sample for StandardGame: