Camera solution – Advice for a beginner, please?


I’ve spent a good deal of time reading docs & tutorials, but still I’d like some advice, or maybe just to check my understanding so far if anyone can help me out.

Regarding the approach I should use for custom camera control. It seems I have a few choices with SimpleApplication…

  1. .cam - the lowest level, with fewer manipulation functions than a Spatial. If I use this, I have to work with Quaternions and use SetRotation(Quaternion), etc.

  2. .FlyCam (or ChaseCam)- already configured for movement, but if I want it to behave differently at all, I have to subclass and edit the low-level movement & event functions, etc.

  3. CameraNode - Lets me control a simple camera as though it were a Spacial (e.g. .rotate(yaw, roll, pitch), follow paths, etc.)

  4. something else or a combination of above?

    So really I’m asking firstly if that’s roughly correct, and also what the best approach to take is to customise my camera.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.


That’s correct.

If you want to make your own camera handler i suggest you make your own control (like ChaseCam), BUT, using the camera node approach?It will be easier since you can manage to make what you want with not that much math involved :wink:

Someone posted a RTSCam controller once (, maybe that can help too.

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Brilliant. Thanks for that.