Camera, ViewPort, Perspective

Hello! I am a beginner in 3D applications development. I don’t know how to operate with camera. It has a lot of properties, among which I understand only location, direction, up and left. Properties which starts from frustum and viewport I don’t understand. Tell me please a link where I can read about this.

If you use the SDK, check the manual (press F1) or use the javadoc (should pop up for every method when you press [Ctrl-Space] with the cursor on an object). If not, look here:

Thanks, normen, I’am not using SDK, and I already read javadocs and passed tutorials, but I can’t find here what I need. For example: setViewPort(float left, float right, float bottom, float top) setViewPort sets the boundaries of the viewport - says me nothing. I want some pictures where I can watch what some values mean.

You need to fully understand 3D graphics basics first, in this case projection transformations.

Really quick googling - look at ‘Projection Matrix’ chapter in this OpenGL Transformation

Thanks, it looks like what I’m looking for.

I read the article, and have some questions about frustum’s near and far values. By default they set to 1 and 1000, but according to the images, far value must be something about -1000, not 1000. Where am I wrong?