CameraControl is one frame behind RigidBodyControl

Hi there,

I have an physics object which should be followed by the camera.

At low framerates and high velocity I noticed that the CameraControl did not get the translation from the RigidBodyControl from the same frame.

In other words, the CameraControls translation is one frame behind the RigidBodyControl and It doesn’t matter in which order I add the controls.

I tried to manually synchronize the camera to the objects translation in the simpleUpdate(float tpf) but this didn’t work either.

It seems that the new translations from the RigidBodyControl take effect right before the rendering and AFTER all other updates (update of the controls, updateLogicalState, simpleUpdate).

The physicspaces threading type is on parallel but sequential didn’t change anything.

So have anybody an idea what I am doing wrong or missing?

Add the cam control after the physics control.