cameraNodes & GUIs

I am playing around with the GUI at the moment in my world.

I have a couple of queries:

  1. Is it possible to swap navigation between my colliding CameraNode and the GUI? I see from the TestWidgetButtonLightSwitch example you are able to swap between the camera and the GUI using something called a WidgetMouseTestControllerFirstPerson and a CurveController.

    Would it be a case of disabling my cameraNode and then using the WidgetMouseTestControllerFirstPerson to control the GUI?

    2)Are their plans for any awt like Frame and dialog classes? I want my GUI Frame to appear when I collide and then disappear when I click OK or whatever. I presume I will need to use panels & labels at the moment and render them directly from my code when I need to.


actually, i dont see why you can’t do this:

public class jMEBox extends JFrame() {

public jMEBox(String JLabel name, String etc) {



and in your game:

if (cs.getNumber() > 0) {

new jMEBox(“Hello”);


try that and see

Thanks I’ll have a go. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dark Prophet - it works well.

Their is a focus problem in that I must use CTRL+TAB to get the window to use & the mouse pointer only appears over the window at the moment.

I think I’m going to use Gregg’s widgets and study it a bit more.

Thanks for the idea, but I think the focus problem rules out awt.

Check out renanse’s particle manager at right here. It integrates Swing and jME, admittedly in separate windows. Could be of interest, though. Otherwise gregg’s GUI stuff is the way to go.