Can a Lego Builder style project be created?

Hi All,

I am a newbie just researching a suitable platform on which to develop a solution that will have a small library of 3D “octapod” octagonal room type units and allow a user to “click” these together to form a building structure, roof spaceframe steel structure or similar.
I am reviewing JMonkey to ascertain if it has the inherent functionality to be able to easily achieve this and create a “game” that allows users to do this. I imagine a constraint system would be necessary to constrain how these 3d Lego building blocks can click together, and I will also need some form of rule engine to be able to define what can and cannot be done in terms of the size or configuration of the final building constructed from these bricks.
Can anybody give me a high level overview of JME3 applicability for this task and, if applicable, a cheat sheet on how to make a fast start on it! Unfortunately I am time poor, and would really appreciate any help for a quick start!

Yes, it’s absolutely doable. Here’s a pretty close example:

It’s gonna take you a really long time though, and it’s not a newbie friendly project. I would highly recommend that you try make something similar to Project Dodge instead.