Can anyone give me a good tutorial on particles?

I couldn't find one, only applets showing diffrent effects :frowning:

Do u know any good tutorial for nice particles effects?

I once created a small firework to welcome the year 2008 :slight_smile:

Its not a really complete tutorial, and my english is also not that great.

But the wiki page explains some things, and the code has quite a few comments.

The Code is for jme1 tho, so a few things wont compile with jme2. (AlphaState needs to replaced with Blendstate for example etc.)


i forgot, someone already added the jme2 version to the page


try jops+jopsMonkey, it's somehow easy to get it "up and running" and you only need to use its editor, save your particle effect  as a jops file (a xml file in a zip renamed) and copy-paste about 8 lines of sample code.


You can also use jmetest.effects.RenParticleEditor to create effects that you can save as .jme-files (binary). Then you can import these effects into your game.