Can Dynamic/Staticnode be instaned someway directly?

Well this caused me to think several times how I can do it, but lets get to the point:

I have a few dynamic physical classes, like a spaceship consisting out of various parts (but only neds one dyn node) So the question is, is there any way how i can let my ship Class extend dynamic node or so?.

Cause my background idea is, that then I have my ship object seperated, and it could simply be detached and attached to the next level on mapchanges, instead of being build new.

Are there any comfortable ways to do so? Currently I only see the way that is done in;, but taht way I would need to generatePhysicsGeometry everytime :confused:

So if they are not instanceable in another way, is there a way to store calculated PhysicsGeometry?

don't have the time to look, but doesn't the dynamic (and static) nodes implement Savable (and is the Physics data saved there)?