Can I control a PC steering wheel from jMonkeyEngine?

I am currently developing a 3D application where I control a vehicle, I was thinking of buying a steering wheel for PC.
But, I’m not sure if I can use it with JMonkeyEngine to handle the steer the vehicle, using AnalogListener.

I was researching, there is a library called JInput for input devices.

Has anyone tried it?

Its a normal joystick, joystick support in jME works fine.

Yes, as normen says it will look just like a joystick and generally the “wheel” is a particular axis. The pedals may appear as other axes.

The thing you can’t do is send force feedback.

Say that I could not capture the pressure on the pedal? … should be as ActionListener

If the pedals are force sensitive (ie: the farther you push the higher the value) then they will look like other axes… just like the wheel.

I’m not sure how many different ways to say that.