Can I create an android jme3 app using eclipse?

Since there is apparently no possible for me to get the jmeSDK to work I’m gonna have to go with eclispe.

But is it even possible? If so then what parts do I have to edit to fix it?

I already got android installed on eclipse btw…

Can you please not start a new thread for each step you do…? Its outlined in the wiki, just download a nightly build and add all jars from the lib folder to the class path of a project. No stable releases this way yet, you could build branches/3.0beta using ant though.

Sorry but the wiki was very harsh on this point. In the page[]=android

it did not mention any other way than using the SDK.

Developer Requirements

-Install Android SDK 2.2 or better.

-Install jMonkeyEngine SDK ← Here it claims that that the SDK is a requirement.

-(Optional) Install NBAndroid in the jMonkeyEngine SDK:

Go to Tools→Plugins→Available Plugins.

Install the “Android” plugin.

Ohwell, I’ll make the game a bit more better then I’ll see how far I can go into converting it into android…