Can I Install JME on SteamOS?

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I want migrate to Linux because of many reasons.

Can I install JME on SteamOS as it is Linux based OS and optimized specifically for Game ?

Or suggesting Ubuntu ?

Should run just fine since it is based on Ubuntu. You should be able to install Java.
I’ve been doing all of my jME3 development on a Ubuntu derived distro and had no issues so far.

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Sure, It’ll work.
Basically every Linux which has an “OpenJDK” or “IcedTea” Package available (Though you could also compile openJDK from source, which might be trouble, though).

The thing is, both are based off Debian, so they share many things.
See how do I install java in steamOS??? :: Steam Universe for a Java Installation Guide, it basically describes that you use the Debian Packages since they are compatible.

Because of that you are able to use whatever works on Debian.

Note though that switching from Windows to Linux is still quite a step.

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Note though that switching from Windows to Linux is still quite a step.

A long time Before i worked with Ubuntu . I installed Oracle Java and eclipse on it and run Mail Server on it and other … .

Is it optimized for game, i think it is Linux with big eye default screen

Do you have more info regarding those optimizations?

No .
I found this benchmark

I copy&paste following points from above page to here:

1-These tests were conducted against a default SteamOS 2.x install and a default Ubuntu 15.10 install. This means SteamOS is using FGLRX driver version 15.9 from AMD and Ubuntu is using the open source Mesa 11.02 driver.

2-SteamOS is able to run the benchmarks that use OpenGL 4.x natively. With Ubuntu, I had to trick the system by overriding the OpenGL version (Mesa 11.02 only supports OpenGL 3.x, not 4.x).
3-Among other minor differences, SteamOS uses a custom Linux kernel (a hybrid Real-Time kernel) based on version 4.1, while Ubuntu uses the standard Linux kernel 4.2

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Though it’s pretty possible to install Proprietary Drivers on Debian, it’s just they can’t/don’t want to have them bundled with their OS (due to them not being open source).

I generally install java on ubuntu via webupd8 - the instructions are here: Install Oracle Java 8 In Ubuntu Or Linux Mint Via PPA Repository [JDK8] ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog

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So the first point tells basically “Those benchmarks are garbage”


Thank you @Ali_RS , even though I never stay with default configuration, but it worth to give it another try.