Can I translate "JMonkey Engine Training Guide" in other Language?

Can I translate "JMonkey Engine Training Guide" in Thai Language :smiley:

I have website about Game Development and I want to present JMonkey engine in my website.

so I will make JMonkey Engine Training Guide for Thai people.

Can I make it? 

Of course.  There is no reason why you could not. :)  Of course, you may want to ensure the code is correct as you go…  many examples were written against older versions of jME with slightly different syntaxes.

…as you find code corrections feel free to contribute them back to us poor english speakers. :wink:

i think it sounds great! what's the website adress?

I think Shogun just opened a sort of Pandora's Box  :stuck_out_tongue: I think since the engine is inherently international, it might be a good idea to open sub portals in Wiki (like they do it on Wikipedia)  , and ask for contributions there… The only problem would be that the forums are always going to be in English, but I guess you cannot expect everything, right?  }:-@

IMHO, if the community cannot somehow "guarantee" the translations being up to date, internationalization should be carried externally to the official jME Wiki, or we might end up with outdated information in many sections and even with difficulties to know where.

It would be nice if every page in the wiki should stated what version it was written for.