Can I update the JME SDK with a JME Engine?

I downloaded and installed the latest SDK, “SDK Release 3.3”, using jmonkeyplatform-windows-x64.exe, and got jMonkeyEngine SDK v3.3.0-stable. I created the JME3 > BasicGame application and it worked.

I located the latest Engine, “jMonkeyEngine 3.4.0-stable”, as “”.

Can/How-would I upgrade my JME SDK 3.3 to 3.4? Do I just unzip over it? I want to get the JavaDocs for the JME libraries so I can see the API documentation as I’m coding.

The easiest way is to switch to Gradle instead of the classical ANT project. You’ll thank me later. Far more easier to handle. That also makes the version switching really easy. One just configures the version number into file. Otherwise you need to download JARs manually and basically do what you just described.

With Gradle you also need to (in Netbeans / SDK) initiate the source and/or javadoc download manually once you got the project going. On your project tree there will be an item called “Configurations”, right-click it and select “download xxx”.


If only I’d read this before the other thread! :laughing:

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