Can I use ChaseCamera with Z as the up direction?


I’m trying to use ChaseCamera, but up in my game is Z, not Y. How do I make ChaseCamera work with Z being up? I tried ChaseCamera.setUpVector and Camera.setRotation, but they didn’t work. Looked at the code, and it looks like I can’t, but I’m not sure.

If your game is a 3D game, you will fight JME every step of the way if you go with a z-up solution.

It’s really better to just change your thinking and implement y up. And I say this from the experience of having done a Z-up game and regret it every time I track down some bug that was related to a z-up mixup.

Hm, ok… @pspeed can you give more examples of places where I will have a problem, please, to convince me to change. :stuck_out_tongue: So far I have only had a minor problem with importing models.

I don’t know… I’ve been working on my game for three years.

The bottom line is that the only reason to do Z-up is for mental reasons and it comes with consequences. You’ve already seen some of those consequences. The brain is a very malleable thing. Change it to think y-up and then a bunch of problems, potential and otherwise, magically go away.

OK then. :wink: