Can JME play movie now?

I need play movie in JME. I use jme to load the movie and add it to JMEDesktop, but I can not see pictures in JMEDesktop.Can JME support playing movie now?

here is the code:

the movie panel

public class MoviePanel extends JPanel implements ControllerListener
   private Component vc, cc;
   private Player player;
   private boolean loop;
   private Dimension size;
   public MoviePanel()
      loop = true;
      size = new Dimension(300,300);
   public void controllerUpdate(ControllerEvent e)
         if (e instanceof ControllerClosedEvent) {
         if (vc != null) {
            vc = null;
         if (cc != null) {
            cc = null;
      if (e instanceof EndOfMediaEvent) {
         if (loop) {
            player.setMediaTime(new Time(0));
      if (e instanceof PrefetchCompleteEvent) {
      if (e instanceof RealizeCompleteEvent) {
         this.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
         vc = player.getVisualComponent();
         if (vc != null){
         cc = player.getControlPanelComponent();
         if (cc != null){
            this.add(cc, BorderLayout.NORTH);
   public void initFlim(){

Movies won't work on the JMEDesktop like in a normal Swing application (at least not fast enough). Llama once made a little framework for playing movies, though. Search on the forum - you can use that in front of your desktop.

There was also some work Renanse was doing directly to jME not using JMF but I'm not sure where he is on it…Renanse?

I am about where I was a few months ago, sadly.  The video works great, is ultra fast and doesn't need any other libs…  No audio support yet though…

That's a great start at least…you might go ahead and contribute what you've got as I can assume there would be many cases where video without audio might still be useful.

Thanks for your permission… ;)  (edit: forgot the smiley… heh)

Not permission, just a suggestion. :wink:

That was my round-about way of saying that I want the functionality even if it doesn't have sound, so check it in so I can use it!  :P  I really think they other way sounded more polite, but you forced me into it…