Can jme run on unix or aix?

jme is great,and i want to use it in my project.

can jme run on unix or aix?

Well "Unix" is not really an operating system at this point.  Its become a class of operating systems.  If you mean AT&T Unix, then no.  If you mean Solaris, then no.  If you mean AIX then no.  If you mean Linux x86 then yes.

JME is dependent on LWJGL.  LWJGL is currently available for Win32, Linux (x86), and  OSX.

This is not to say you could not port LWJGL and the packages it relies on to other systems.  Just no one has done it yet.

thank you for reply

it seems that i could only use java3d?

a lot of work to do.

You could certainly try to compile LWJGL on your own… as long as there is OpenGL support in your platform, then it should not be terribly hard (except the problem of updates, but that's another story)

Just in case your system does not support OpenGL and you just want to run a headless server using jME - you can do that, of course.

Does JOGL work on your system? If so you could try porting the LWJGL classes to JOGL, shouldn't be too difficult since both of them directly expose OpenGL.