Can JME3 be used for a MMORPG

Is it possible to use JME3 for an MMORPG?

You won’t know until you fail.

… yes it’s possible, just like with practically any other game engine in the world. It just takes several lifetimes to create all the underlying systems, tools & assets required to make anything that people besides your best friend and dog will bother playing :wink:

Which of course doesn’t mean you should not try, failed game experiments is a very good place to learn programming and get a proper perspective on estimating projects.

And there is always a slim chance of becoming second Runescape, which I would guess nobody except the dog of my friend should play, but still they got a LOT of players (at least in the past).

I think he is asking if there is any MMO framework integrated with jME.

Well, there is a network system named SpiderMonkey, but, it along isn’t enough. You need to deal with loads of different things. Which without prior experience, is not easy to implement at all.

We have this question very often, or some alternatives like “Is there a HelloMMORPG tutorial for jME3?”.

This can be answered by another question…“What is an MMORPG?”

MMORPG stands for “Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Games”.

Reading this you should instantly notice that you’ll be stuck at the first letter of the acronym…

Massive means a lot of people will play your game, and this, not a single 3D game engine in the world can guaranties.

However jME3 can technically meet any other letters requirements of this acronym, so I guess that…Yes, is the answer to this question

But honestly, unless you have a brilliant team, that are not only developers, i mean, an artists team, a marketing team, a friggin good idea, a lot of money to spend, and luck… you won’t succeed in making a MMORPG on your own.

So please!! and here i’m talking to every prospect MMO developers : size down your expectations when making a game.

If in the end you achieve to meet only the G requirement of the acronym, I can ensure that everyone on this forum will be glad, and you’ll earn a place of choice on the Projects page.

I second what @nehon posted.

It truly is a Massive Endeavor (see what I did thar!) that takes a lot, and I’m not sugar-coating this at all, a LOT of work.

If you’re sincere and it’s really what you want to do, start off small. Get the basics working first and worry about pretty stuff later. I could rattle off numerous games, both MMO’s and other genres that are very pretty, but fail to impress due to crap network code, crap gameplay mechanics, crap controls, etc etc. Without a strong foundation to stand on, a game will be doomed to failure.

Heck, you could make a box mmo with boxes talking to other boxes. If you play your cards right, changing those boxes to models wouldn’t be hard, and then giving them more than a flat floor to walk on wouldn’t, and on and on and on, and eventually your world of boxes and flat surfaces blooms into a world of “insert your idea here.” Take it in steps.


Also remember that all those games @tehflah labeled as “crap” have been done by professional programmers with experience that earn their money with this, so expecting to get this done alone is absolutely illusionary. If you start with a simple concept first and get that done you can step by step move forward until you know for yourself what doing an MMO means as a programmer. Otherwise I suggest you use some editor like the NeverwinterNights editor or LittleBigPlanet to do your game. So, jME can do it, can you too?

if there are not much people that will play it, you can always just make an MORPG (multiplayer onling role playing game) :wink:

also, check the games list: poisonville and urban galaxy are MMORPG’s.