Can JMonkey created a 2D Tetris game?


I wonder if it is possible to create a 2D game with Jmonkey.

I have a set of 2D Tetris in C # and want to create the same in JMonkey, but I doubt with the creation of the screen.

How to make the background image to fill the entire screen of the game?

Can someone give me some links for creating 2D?

Or if not possible, how to turn Jme3 using only a background image and having the impression that it is 2D?

this is the background image.

I want to put in the whole game area

If you wanted you could make a 2D pong game.

That should answer your title question…

To make a background image fill the screen:

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Thanks for the answers

madjack, i need create a tetris game for my final work of the school.

I already have the tetris game in C #. I am wanting to port to Jmonkey.

As I talked about at work on Jmonkey and Xna, I need to make the same game on both platforms.

Anyone have a source of Tetris game?

Can help in the blocks figures?

In C# i have one png with the 7 figures and just one come for time.

How i make the blocks fall into screen?

i already make the keyboard listener… its come on update method?

Two solutions, remember them and do all in update,

or add controll to them via addControll.