Can jMonkeyEngine interface with (Java) external AI behavioral libraries?

I’m an AI researcher looking to do some simulation in a 3D Game Environment which can access an external Artificial Intelligence behavior libraries such as GOAL. Our purposes are more proof of concept, R&D kind of simulation work, nothing production oriented, but runable in a distributed or networked environment.

Can jMonkeyEngine do such things?

In the core? no,
but you should be able to integrate for example pretty easily.
Also take a look at
GitHub - QuietOne/MonkeyBrainsDemoGames: Demo games made using MonkeyBrains (JMEAI)

@Empire: Excellent suggestions - I’ve already begun looking at them. The GOAL framework is less of an autonomous steering library and more of the intelligent decision strategy creation and execution type of framework. So as long as I can tie the two together using Java I can then harness the underlying logic engine in GOAL which can be anything but is usually (SWI) prolog, which adds a lot of power to the process. Are their any links to point the way to the integration process.

FYI - I’m not new to gaming, I’ve created a game in AGK (App Game Kit) called “BattleShip”, but I’m new to this environment.

Thanks again for your help …