Can not import blender model with the lastest update

Hi, backed to the forum with every things look cool and much better interface. Awesome!

I’ve just updated everything to the lastest (say stable 3.0 instead of nightly 3.1)

Then I get errors with the simpliest Blender model with animations.

at com.jme3.animation.SkeletonControl.cloneForSpatial(

I saw

but it’s like they talked about using BlenderKey in the code. In my case, i’m using the SDK “Convert to j3o binary” instead.

Any ideas what happen? I’ve have quite a bit experience with Blender and jme3 together so it’s cool if someone can point me something i missedin the recent update (I did checked the old wiki :slight_smile:

I don’t get what version you’re using from what you wrote.
Are you using 3.0 stable or the git master?

I’m using 3.0 download from the website.
Its update center is :

The problem happen even in the BlenderAnimation in the Test projects. So I’m not sure if I had old version because I did something wrong with the configurations (the jme3 user settings) or it’s a real issue. Of course I can build the 3.0 branch master but I thought the suite should be fine.


jme3test.model.anim.TestBlenderAnim run buggy, but I don’t see exception on console log (3.0.10). just a lot of

‘Const’ of type ‘Inverse kinematic’ is not implemented and will NOT be applied!

Thanks for reply, solved my self by deleting the settings folder. Seem like the SDK use the jar from the settings folder instead of the new one from the SDK. :smile:

This is quite simple thing that I didn’t check before asking. Cheers,

I guess you enabled the nightly update center at some point, updated and then just disabled the nightly update center which still leaves you with the nightly version installed.

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That should be the problem I guess. Having to migrate all the plugins (include the in-house plugins) and settings from old SDK to another is quite a problem everytime I’ve updated. As I do it quite often, may be I will write a wiki of doing such thing. You know, which settings .xml to be copied, where localized texts are, which .jars and .nbm should be transfered well and which should be recompiled. :slight_smile:

Normally you can just keep the settings folder, otherwise as a “hack” you could rename the settings folder to “3.0RC2” which should make the SDK “old version settings import” utility kick in when its first started.

Nice, I didn’t know we have such utility already.

What does it do? Extract JME3 related settings only? or it’s a Netbean platform toolkit?

Its basically the same thing NetBeans does, yes.