Can not play multiple animations?


in the tutorial I read about animation, I read that your able to play multiple animations at same time!

Using channels.

So I got one controller called control

Each animation is split up in 3 parts: Legs, RightArm and LeftArm

So if I got an animation called Run

Then after creating it, I split it in blender so I get 3 new animations:




For example, Legs_Run ONLY animates, and includes, position and rotation data regarding the legs.

The arms and head is not animated but rather removed from the animation completely.

Now I try to run all of these at same time by calling


on 3 diffrent channels. Where the “post” is replaced by Legs, RightArm or LeftArm.

Problem is, Only one animation is run.

I got two skelletons on same position. Both should run all 3 animations. But instead, one of the skeletons chooses to run:

RightArm_Run while the other skeleton runs LeftArm_Run.

Why can’t they run multiple animations?

The channels need to be set up to effect the correct bones. See the TestOgreComplexAnim on how to do that