Can Ragdoll collide with other ragdoll?

I made 2 characters that have both KinematicRagdollControl and CharacterControl.
walking floor is OK. collide with other RigidBody( brick, ball ) is OK.
However, there are no collision between 2 characters.
In my perception, ragdoll is a collection of more than one rigid body.
So, I had expected collision event to occur.
what is wrong?? :-?

Have you read this? I think that might be your reason. For example:

MeshCollisionShape A mesh-accurate shape for static or kinematic Spatials. Can have complex shapes with openings and appendages. Limitations: Collisions between two mesh-accurate shapes cannot be detected, only non-mesh shapes can collide with this shape.

Though the ragdoll tutorial says they are capsule collision shapes so … :-?

thanks kd12.
I’d already read it.
ragdoll has HullCollisionShape from what I’ve seen.
that tutorial says,

HullCollisionShape A less accurate shape for dynamic Spatials that cannot easily be represented by a CompoundShape.
Limitations: The shape is convex (behaves as if you gift-wrapped the object), i.e. openings, appendages, etc, are not individually represented.


When they collide, Kinematics push dynamic objects, but a dynamic object never pushes a Kinematic.

I don’t know the case of kinematic vs kinematic.
btw, I know the way of detecting non-physics collision.
If I can’t use ragdolls physics collision event, I’ll go on non-physics.
but maybe I think it’s a hard work.
My purpose is to know the collision of particular bone.
however, I don’t know how to get the bounding volume of bone assigned geometry.
plz help, any idea?

Yeah, AFAIK kinematics wouldn’t push kinematics, and I think you would only want ragdolls to be dynamic. Are you trying to make a ragdoll move? If so, why?

it’s a simple reason.
as above I want to detect specific bones collision.
I can detect bone vs CharacterControl, but bone vs bone is still impossible.
however, I may as well give up. :frowning:

yeah I tried for ages and never got it to work