Can Vehicle Control Be Used For Motorcycle Game?

Let’s say I want to write a motorcycle game with physics which physics control should I use?
Should I use vehicle control with only 2 wheels or 4 overlapping wheels or there is a better control for these type of game?
What do you think?

  • I don’t want the bike to fall on its side when not in motion and I wanna be able to tilt it when taking corners


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Thinking about it in my head it could work if you attached a counter weight below the bike so it acted like a kind of pendulum. Or at least be the start of an interesting relationship. I guess the length/distance and it’s weight would be variable based on the speed and z-axis angle the bike is rotated.


A PhysicsVehicle with 2 wheels will fall over, unless you add some feedback mechanism to stabilize it while moving. (When not moving, you can model a kickstand.)

One way or another, I suspect you’ll wind up writing a custom PhysicsControl.


I’m thinking maybe character control combined with Minie’s dynamic control (just need to add some animations to the model) can fit a motorcycle

Let us know how it turns out!

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