Can we get a quick status update on the dev team?

I guess the reason I ask is, it was announced a whiiiile back that @iwgeric was now part of the core dev team handling Android related thing-gees… and then a few months after, no more iwgeric.

I was hoping we could get an updated list of who to point different questions at so we are not bugging the wrong people.

Anyways, this isn’t to be a bother… just trying to get enough info to be less of a bother.

What do you mean by “no more iwgeric”? And you’re not supposed to bug anyone except by posting in the forum, so why not just post your question? ^^

I mean he never answers any support requests or bug reports for the Android forum anymore. And not to metion, you just gave @mifth a virtual bitch-slap for tagging you about a physics related bug report. Soooo… perhaps an updated list of who is active and responsible for what areas would be helpful so you don’t have to waist your time answering posts you shouldn’t have been tagged in to begin with?

Anyways, anyone with a helpful answer willing to give it a go?

The team is still the same as described on this page:

And by bugging I mean things like @mentioning in a new post actually. A properly written headline that makes the post easily identifiable as a support request will be answered in due time, @mentioning in a new post doesn’t really change the time each member can allocate for the project. Rather, it amplifies nagging feelings about the time one does allocate to it. By @mentioning in a new post you also keep the person in question from being able to not answer if he decides so without coming across like an asshole.

Its a useful tool in long/technical threads that not everybody follows completely for example. Or to notify somebody about the content of a generic post (e.g. “look at my new library/game/whatever”) that he might skip if its interesting or related to him/her. Its totally inappropriate for a help request imo. The people here are not your SMS buddies from school…

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I wasn’t really thinking of tagging people in initial posts… however… what I was considering is…

I try to help someone with an issue with Android dev, it gets to a point where their question is beyond my knowledge and I respond with:

“This one is beyond me… perhaps @iwgeric would know that specific bit of JME code… that was written by him/that he is updating/that he is the only person on the planet who will likely be able to answer your question about”

Cricket chirp
Three weeks later

Still nothing. So, I thought maybe it would be useful to know who was actively handling different types of issues when this sort of thing happens.

I get that he has no obligation to participate here. But I just assumed that he bailed or something since not a single question ever gets responded to. And there has obviously been some change in the core team (or the individual’s status) … or:

  1. You wouldn’t have made a point of stating that you did not have the time to actively participate (or at least only have very limited time) with JME
  2. The last contest ran wouldn’t have gotten to the submission point and then just fell apart to nothingness.

Not trying to be a bitch… it was a valid question that I was going to offer up some help with if it was needed (i.e. helping handle Android support as best I could while iwgeric was AWOL). But if it’s not needed, then it’s not needed.


The amount of time any one of us can spend on the project from week to week varies. If we kicked everyone off the team who went absent for more than two weeks then the team would be completely empty.

Edit: and even I don’t know what happened to @erlend. I still see twitter reposts but I haven’t even seen him in the chat for a couple weeks now.

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Well your initial example for @mentioning was exactly such a specimen so thats what I was talking about. Your example is of course the ideal use of the feature. And obviously nobody wants to keep you from helping others on the forum, its much appreciated.

From what I gather - and in this case I only have slightly more information than you do - the situation is as follows: Eric has no time, Erlend botched a contest / his time planning and I stated how much (or few) time I have for the engine. :slight_smile:

Ooops… post got swallowed again.

Trying again:

@pspeed I get ya. I wasn’t hinting at him being ditched by you all. I was asking if he had bailed permanently since he was no where to be seen on bug reports.

If it would be helpful, I can help with whatever Android support questions I can handle and if it is becoming critical, I can help with bug fixes/dev for Android, though, I may need a bit of hand-holding as I don’t have much experience with git/github.

Anyways… just let me know if you all hit a point where you have a critical need and no one is available and I’ll see if I can help.

Yeah no news from Eric in a while. Shoot your questions at me about android.


@t0neg0d if you have question about git just ask I can often help.