Can we print a JMonkey Scene to a printer directly?

Hello all,

I am not too sure if this belongs here, if not please move.

I am looking for a way to connect up to a printer and print a scene, or a object directly.

I am not sure if JMonkey has this feature, but I believe JOGL does have printer capabilities, and possibly LWJGL(haven’t checked).

I am looking to print directly, and not take a screen shot because I want to get the best quality and dpi I can.

From what I’ve been seeing is that a screen shot creatures an image with much less DPI, and some systems only support up to a certain amount, while printers can utilize much more. I think resolution also plays into affect, but I’m not too sure how it all works. If anyone knows specifics that would be great.

If anyone has any advice or ways I can do this with JMonkey let me know please.

If I can use JOGL’s PrinterJob then i’ll try and use that.

Thank you all.

Off the top of my head, maybe you you set the output of your scene’s frame buffer to be a texture instead of null (i.e your screen).

Then save that texture to a file to print direct.

You could make whatever resolution you wanted then by setting the appropriate size of the output frame buffer

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Thanks, this looks really interesting.

So the resolution can be set to any amount and it will still look great? I’m assuming it has to be scaled correctly 1:1 though to keep it looking good, or how does changing the scale’s ratio affect the outcome? I’m assuming it’s the same as what happens in Photoshop or another editing program?

Thanks a lot for your time.