Cannot Cast Spatial

Hi guys, I have a trouble. I have extended Spatial class and have named the new class as “PieceSpatial”. However, I cannot cast spatials to that new object. Here is a sample :

This is what I try :

private void drawPiece(Piece piece) {
PieceSpatial pieceMesh = (PieceSpatial) getPieceObject(piece);
pieceMesh.setLocalTranslation((float) (2 * piece.getX()) + 1, 0f, -((float) (2 * piece.getY()) + 1));



It gives me that error :
“java.lang.ClassCastException: com.jme3.scene.Node cannot be cast to chessgame.view.elements.PieceSpatial”
at chessgame.view.SceneHandler.drawPiece(
at chessgame.view.SceneHandler.drawPieceObjects(
at chessgame.view.SceneHandler.drawChessSet(
at chessgame.ChessGame.simpleInitApp(
at com.jme3.system.lwjgl.LwjglAbstractDisplay.initInThread(

\nThis is my extended Spatial :
public abstract class PieceSpatial extends Spatial {

private Material originalMaterial;

public void setOriginalMaterial(Material material) {
    this.originalMaterial = material;

public Material getOriginalMaterial() {
    return originalMaterial;


Please give the full stack trace, I can’t see where this exception is thrown.

ur getiing node from loader

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@gouessej I edited.
@erasit However, I can cast it to Spatial. PieceSpatial extends Spatial. What is the matter :confused: ?

erslt is right, getPieceObject(piece) returns a Node (probably from the loader) and you try to cast it to PieceSpatial. Node extends Spatial but PieceSpatial doesn’t extend Node.


You cannot cast ot stuff it is not.

Spatial is a spatial, your class extends it (bad behaviour btw you really should not do that)

So your class is a spatial and can be casted to one and back.
However not everything that is a spatial is your class, hence the cast exception.

The loader does not know of your manipulations and just loads a fine node/spatial that has absolutly nothing to do with your custom class.

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Thank you guys, I can see what is going on right now :wink: