Cannot find gamestate

Yesterday, I installed cvs with eclipse, and downloaded it and made it work. I wanted to get the latest version, cuz GameState class wasnt in in the jarred one (nightly build). I cant find GameState anywhere! The javadocs say it is in, but it isnt! Can anyone tell me where it is?

Thanks in advance!

                        -Gibi }:-@

Try :slight_smile:

General help in such situations:

Ctrl + Shift + T and then enter the class you look for :wink:

Thanks! But why did it say in the javadocs?

Ctrl - Shift - T, Ill remember that, thanks.

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Because it was recently moved out of the core of jME as it's been expanding into a much larger system.

Thanks, from this I think it might be right to just use source to look for classes' locations when doing stuff with gamestates?

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All of the GameStates in jME are contained in a single package with the exception of JMEDesktopState (I think that's the class name) and it's contained in the JMEDesktop package.  Using the source code can be extremely useful though for many other reasons though.

Thanks for the info and suggestions!

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