Cannot find symbol: variable cShape

Hello there,

So, I’m working on a space game, and I’m trying to get the jmeplanet library to work, to test it out, and possibly to use.

Unfortunately, the code seems to not be compiling, since (in a class that extends com.jme3.bullet.collision.shapes.CollisionShape), a variable named cShape is referenced but not used.

I assume that, since this tool is fairly old, the cShape variable once existed in the CollisionShape class but no longer does. What is the equivelant of cShape in today’s version of JME?

The relevant code is included below:

cShape = new PlanetShape(center, radius, dataSource);

Thanks for your help!

Are you using native bullet? Because as I know cShape only exists in JBullet

Well, that basically solved it :smiley:

I had the jme3-bullet, jme3-bullet-native and the jme3-jbullet libraries included. I’m not exactly sure why I did that, but I’m sure I was quite sleep-deprived at the time. I have now removed the first two and the code compiles!

Thank you so much!