Cannot have multiple channels to share bones

I cannot get multiple animations to share the same bone.
for example the “TestWalkChar” file in the JmeTests has the Oto model that walks and his legs and arms move at the same time as he’s walking, then a key is pressed and he plays the Dodge animation which moves his arms, when the Dodge animation finishes, he can continue the Walk animation that moves his arms again for the walk.
that works find with the Oto model, but if I try other models like the Ninja model it won’t work, the Ninja model is not able to share bones like that, one animation channel takes control of the bone and the other animation channel can’t access it.
what is special about the Oto model that it can do that?
It makes no difference if i add bones to the channel with the addBone method or not.
In the “TestWalkChar” with the Oto model, i even tried deleting these lines that assign the bones to the channels and it still works fine:

   shootingChannel.addBone(animationControl.getSkeleton().getBone("hand.right")); [/java]

so the only thing that is there is:

animationChannel = animationControl.createChannel();
shootingChannel = animationControl.createChannel();


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