Can't add terrain!

I am creating an empty scene, here my repro steps:

  • I add a directional light, save and that’s ok.
  • I right click on the scene, click on edit terrain.
  • From the terrain editor window I click on Add Terrain.
  • I just create a flat terrain, but trying with hills won’t change anything.
  • I save the scene, open another scene, when I edit this scene again the terrain disappeared!

    The same happens if I just run the project to navigate through it. Everything stays in the scene but the terrain!

    Did I do something wrong?



By the way, of course I select the root node when I add the terrain

No, I dont think you did anything wrong but the TerrainEditor didnt save in alpha-3 yet I think, do you use the latest nightly version?

I am using Alpha-3… Should I switch to nightly version? I am afraid that would be awfully unstable? :stuck_out_tongue:

At times, but you can go back to alpha-3 any time. You can also try to just update the Terrain Editor but I guess it will fail (if not at install then when it tries to use terrain stuff thats not there yet).

I don’t understand… The nightly build comes without editor? I downloaded it and the executable is the test application, plus there are library jars… No editor!

The nightly build is an option in the jMonkey platform. in the UI select Tools > Plugins. Then in that window select the Tab

Settings, and check the options you wish to be updated. Also at the bottom of the window you also have the option to select the auto update interval.

did you solved your problem ? i’m also interested

The nightly version will save.

I am working on a newer version with painting, it should be ready next week. It should also be more stable and allow for a lot more modification of the terrain.


I hope you will success we count on you !