Can't apply a seamless texture to an irregular mesh

I there, i’m trying to create some asteroids for my space environment

I’ve created the asteroid models in blender and imported the meshes to the assets

so far so good, now in blender I’ve done some tests and applied a seamless texture to the asteroids, getting a good result

how can I do the same in JME, this is, i want to apply the texture without getting a result like this:

in blender i applied the texture:

as a cube and repeated that texture a little bit and got a model like this:

I’m working with a less detailed model, still, how can i map the texture correctly to the irregular mesh imported

Generate tangents for the mesh using the TangentBinormalGenerator or the jmp scenecomposer

I got this

Can only generate tangents for meshes with texture coordinates

Oh sorry. Yeah, for live rendering UV mapped textures are kind of the only way to do things properly. Everything else basically requires different shaders, conversion to UV like structures etc.

hmm I see,

Ok thanks, I will try this with a UV mapped Texture then :slight_smile:

I tried to unwrap the asteroid in blender, set the mapping to UV and export the model but

when I try to import the model into JME, I get an exception in OgreXMLConverter something… not much of a description either

Can you provide the log?