Can't convert to .j3o format

I’ve been following the tutorials and have so far reached the “HelloAssets” project. For one of the additional exercises, it asks you to import “main.scene”. Afterwards, it asks you to instead import “main.j3o”, explaining that you should use the jMonkeyEngine SDK to do the conversion, by right-clicking the “main.scene” listing in the projects explorer and clicking the “Convert to j3o Binary” option. The problem I’m facing is that, in my case, there is no such option.

I have placed the “” folder in the “assets/Scenes” directory (as the tutorial requests) but this issue persists.

Please could you help me try to resolve this?

Thanks for your help.


The URL for the screenshot:

You have to do this in a BasicGame project. If this is one you probably have no JDK installed and clicked “OK” when the SDK warned that most plugins will be disabled?

This is a BasicGame project. I do have a JDK installed (Java SE Development Kit 7) with both the PATH and CLASSPATH environment variables set. I haven’t had any warnings from the SDK apart from this: warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 1.5 (I am not sure what this means).

Thanks for the post, though.

Well as said, what I see in the screenshot is not a BasicGame project.

It is a BasicGame project:

So theres something wrong and the plugins are disabled. Please check the about screen on what java the SDK runs and in Tools->Plugins if theres any disabled plugins.

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I looked at the plugins like you said and there were indeed inactive ones in the installed tab. After activating these, a “Project Assets” folder that was not previously there appeared, so I moved the “town” folder with its assets into this directory and when I right-clicked “main.scene” this time, the option was there!

Thank you very much for your help. I’ve no idea how long this would have taken to solve without your assistance.


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You definitely got a warning about this.