Can't create an applet


I have a very big problem: I cannot create an applet for the JME.

Sure, I have tried to use the lines of code as shown in the tutorial in the Wiki.

But with no success.

I then tried to paste "extends SimpleApplet" instead of the default words, just to let

them run as an applet, but this didn't work.

But I have no choice, I must draw interactive 3d content in a webpage, I will do this for

our fansite of Guild Wars guild. My target is to have a 3d - chatroom in the end, where

you can walk through, watching yourself in 3rd person view and see the others in there.

My idea was to "modify" the example called "TestSpatialLookAt", to let it run, embedded into

a html-site via the "<applet>" - tags.

Now my question is: does anybody have an example for something I described above?

Or would somebody help me, because I am a designer - will model everything - but

I do not speak java. Maybe there is something out there, which I could use for my


I am sorry when asking for this help, but I can't solve this on my own.

Please don't be angry when I do not know much about Java. Programming is not my

thing. But I am full of ideas, thousands of them.

Any reply would be very nice.


Can you be more specific on the type of problem you are having?

Also, make sure you sign all jar files used by the applet. 

Here’s a good place to get started signing jars:


I wish to have 3d-content within a website. This means I will have to use applets.

Since I do not speak java, I tried around, looking how the code looks like in the examples,

applications and applets (CVS,  JMETEST). To do a further test, I wanted to modify the "SpatialLookAt"-Testexample

so it will run as an applet. No chance.

I wish I could sign my *.jar - file, but I do not find a possibility to create a *.jar - file with eclipse.

Sorry, I have heard *.jar is something similar to *.zip. This would mean, there could/should be some

other files as well in the *.jar, not only my applet (which is still a .java). I have no Idea which files this are.

Now, to do further testing, I would like to run an applet not via eclipse, which is easy by clicking

the run button. But I would like to write a html-site to embed the applet (which is not the problem) and

create a new folder, where I will put the applet file and all the many other files which must be in the same

folder as the applet is.

But I do not know which files I need to "upload", I do not know how to create the runnable applet (is a
.class I think)

via eclipse and even inside the applet I do not know which code there must be. I tried to have a closer look at the very

good tutorial in the wiki, but it feels like there is something missing, I'm afraid they do not show the code of a complete applet.

I thought it would be much easier, if the applet already exists, and I, as I do not speak java, would be able to "feed"

the applet with data (models, textures, triggers, … ) from the outside (maybe a textfile or a complete "scene" like a

3ds-max-scene, where I have camera, light, meshes and even helper objects, which could become triggers in the applet.

Is there something outside which works like what I'm dreaming of?



Without knowing Java you will not be able to use jME I’m afraid.  jME is a low level programming library and not an editor like UnrealED or something.  The closest we have to that is MonkeyWorld3D, and despite how good MW3D is I don’t think it’s quite good enough to pop an entire ‘game’ out that requires little to no programming to use.

You either need to learn Java or get someone else to code for you.  I doubt very much you’ll find anyone here with enough free time to basically code your entire applet for you, so you might want to try the Help Wanted Forums on

Hello and Good Bye,

thank you for your answers.

This is a very sad hour for me, because I liked the examples coming with the

JME. I thought I could use this to show 3d-content in a website.

I will go on and google, after your advice, for a solution.

Have many thanks for everything, and keep on your very good working.

Last but not least: this is a very nice community in this forum. There are no bad words

to noobs like me. This is very good, never loose this.

Greetings from Stuttgart


Abraxas said:

Last but not least: this is a very nice community in this forum. There are no bad words
to noobs like me. This is very good, never loose this.

After such a nice critique of the community I'm going to risk making you regret it here for a sec.  I would suggest you're giving up quite easily.  I think if this is the direction you want to go, take the time and learn Java.  If you really have no desire to learn to program then good luck to you, but don't just give up because it seems hard. :o