Can't disable stats view

How do I turn off the stats view from simple application?

I’ve tried…

Main app = new Main();





but none of these work!

it seems it’s not working for the stat view, there must be an issue.

You can use statview.removeFromParent() as a work around;

mmmm I tried


but it gave a null pointer error…

I tried this - an empty overide method-


public void loadStatsView() {


which worked, but crashed when I did the same for the fps text.

is it best I create (duplicate) my own SimpleApplication class?

don’t call it in your main class, call it in the simpleInit method of your app. That’s why you have a null pointer

no luck,

I have this as the first lines in my simple init method

Main app = new Main();


but still a null pointer…

nehon said:
call it in the simpleInit method of your app

still no,

this is what I have-


public void simpleInitApp() {

Main app = new Main();


// my code


-.- Why do you create another app in the init method? remove that line.

ah yes that worked,

I need to go back to programming school :wink:

Anyway the first issue is due to a bug, i’m trying to fix it right now

Ok it’s fixed in last SVN you can use the cullHint.always method again.

thanks so much :slight_smile: