Can't find NavMeshGen

So in MonkeyZone in the worldManager a navmesh is created. Now I’ve tried and the following imports don’t exist according to the SDK

“import jme3tools.navmesh.NavMesh;
import jme3tools.navmesh.util.NavMeshGenerator;”

I’ve downloaded the nightly build hoping that it was a feature still in beta but browsing through the file directory shows that it isn’t, so I was hoping someone here could help me get these imports and related ones in my sdk.

N.b. I can generate NavMeshs in the scene/terrain editor so if someone could guide me into getting this mesh from the assets and using it for path finding that would be appreciated also.


I’ve installed the Ai tools plugin. The imports still can’t be found and when I type in any of the object names i.e. NavMesh foobar; it has no suggestions other than for me to make the class.


Well read the post again, you have to add the library to your project…
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Ah thanks, got it now