Can't find terrain image file

I am following the beginner tutorials. I am up to “Hello Terrain”. In the section on texture splatting there is the following instruction:

Make a copy of your terrains heightmap, mountains512.png.

This is dumb. But I can’t even find the file. Did I miss something?

It is referenced in the code

[java] Texture heightMapImage = assetManager.loadTexture(


but I can’t find the directory tree.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

but I can’t find the directory tree.

what do you mean via directory tree? in SDK you should use "Projects" Tab, where you have all needed directories/files tree.

also if you have a problem in code, you can always look at Tests:
file -> New Project -> JME3 -> JME Tests
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Go to project->properties. Select “Libraries”, add jme3-test-data.

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Found it. Thanks. I had the jme3-test-data library but I didn’t know you could click on a jar file and view its contents. Duh.