Can't Find the Location of the JME3 example assets?

I am sure that this is a fairly stupid question, and that I am missing something, but I cannot find the on file location of the non-common assets used in the JME3 examples. I am working through and modifying the examples to get some experience with the system, and was hoping to look specifically at what some of the asset files were. Specifically I am interested in what the textures look lie for the TestExplosionEffect example. I want to know what is really in “Effect/Explosion/flash.png,” what the image looks like, and what effect modifying the image has on the example. However, as I said I cannot seem to find the assets for the example project, or any information about the file search path. Any help anyone could provide would be great. Thanks.


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I can’t find all test assets and textures neither.

For me it’s here:

“c:Program FilesjmonkeyplatformjmonkeyplatformlibsjME3-testdata.jar”

Use “Project Properties → Libraries → Add JAR/Folder” to add it to your example project.

Edit: Normen is right, it’s a lib. No need for adding as jar.

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Right, so that lets me use those assets in a new project, but I can’t edit those assets because they are packaged in a .jar; is there a way to unpack the jar so I can directly interact with the individual files or are they trapped in there?

You can rename a .jar to .zip and unpack it with your favorite zip tool.


You can just Ctrl-C Ctrl-V them into your project from the “Libraries” node. Ofc this is also mentioned in the manual.

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Thanks that worked survivor!!

Thank you guys! :smiley: