Cant move spatials translation on ragdoll without it spinning in huge circles, help?


I FINALY, after days and days of work, managed to get the ragdoll working!

Problem is now that Im not allowed to move my ragdoll what so ever, or the character will spin away in circles.

Even if ragdoll is set to kinematic mode. The character will keep the walk animation going. But its position will get moved like a spiral away.

I think that the ragdoll is colliding with the characterControl but I have no idea how to fix it.

The spatial has not set the characterControl to its control. Im just using it to set the translation (because control disables your rotation control).

So I tried to set the body (characteControl)'s collision group:




and also do the same for ragdoll. But ragdolls do not have that option.

So im prittie much stuck.

What should I do to make the character not fly away?

P.S ragdoll.setEnabled(false) is no option. Then the ray wont work.

By setting everybones collidegroup I managed to avoid the collision.