Can't Remove touchevent Scroll

I’m using the touchlistener to get move, up and down events.
Problem is, sometimes, moving your finger will register as a scroll and not a move event. This scroll is just terrible and i want to remove it. Can I do it somehow?

I have to insist that this is a serious issue.
If I press down finger 0 then press down finger 1 and release finger 0; Then moving finger 1 will register as “scroll” at finger 0.
Altho finger 0 doesn’t exist no more. And the “move” at finger 1 will be totaly ignored and no such inputs will be registered.

How can I get the position and id of my finger 1 movement when all I get is a scroll at non-existing finger 0?

There is always a move event associated with a scroll event.
Move is a native event, scroll is and event generated by gesture detection. Both are dispatched to the Actionlistener by the AndroidInput.
The question is…if you don’t want the scroll event…why are you listening to it?

Is that something in the newer updates?
I also thought that it should do that, but it doesn’t for me. When "scroll"ing then it does not send any “move” events.
The method Im using is this:
public void onTouch(String mapping, TouchEvent evt, float tpf) {
Type type = evt.getType();[/java]
From TouchListener.
I create it like this:
TouchscreenListener tcl = new TouchscreenListener(); //Extends TouchListener
InputManager im = MainGame.getInput();
im.addMapping(“Main_Touch_All”, new TouchTrigger(TouchInput.ALL));
String[] mappings = {“Main_Touch_All”};

Should I then recive move always in scroll?

yes you should
What does your TouchscreenListener do?

It interprents move events to a joystick display (sort of).
But for simplicity purposes TouchscreenListener have the method:
[java]public void onTouch(String mapping, TouchEvent evt, float tpf) {
Type type = evt.getType();

If you then tap with your right thumb and then click down and move around with ur left thumb then it will stop sending “move” events and start sending “scroll” events only.
Im using nightly build 2013-01-01 if that helps…

If you don’t have the move event there, it must be that it’s not sent by the device. There is not much we can do.

Okej. Good thing I know what the problem is anyways…

Found it!
I was using the wrong method.
To get the raw events use:
and instead of onTouch use onTouchEvent.
This solved it :slight_smile:

With exactly the same issue running SDK RC2, switching to addRawInputListener(); has no effect.
Was something changed within the system between these builds?
My current solution is to display an overlay in android and pass the data to jme. This is not ideal. Would like to learn of a workaround.

There were some fixes related to the MOVE event of the second finger after the first finger was lifted. These were done back in January.