Can't resize components after update


I’m unable to resize components. This started about 2-3 days ago. I think it’s due to an update. I get the double headed arrow to resize, move about 1/4 - 1/2 inch and it then selects everything. I’ve attached a screen print of what happens

BTW, if I click on a scroll bar it will usually close that window. Netbeans appears not to be having this issue.

Same behaviors here.

Anything that looks like drag n drop seem half-broken. Hopefully the new nightly in about 30 mins will fix those issues.

Oh and btw, this post should’ve been posted in jMP.

Okay, I wasn’t sure where to put it

Grrr, the latest nightly build didn’t fix the problem. @normen!!! :stuck_out_tongue: You b0rked jMP. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it’s back to scouring tutorials, java tips/tricks and Farmville! LOL J/K

Hm, gotta be the nightly platform build, nothing in jmp can provoke that. If it doesnt get fixed the next days you’ll have to reinstall and just update the jme plugins, not the ide stuff. On OSX it works w/o problems.

Edit: Oh, and I dont have a facebook account so i cant see that image.

Yeah. It’s not that huge of a problem…

You just can’t drag a scroll bar or highlight text with the mouse and stuff like that without having the red-frame-you’re-moving-a-window-around-where-do-you-want-to-drop-it highlight.

I’ll wait a couple days…